SUKAR Line / 9 10×10 Cm Square Grid 1153-0031099-01

AED 90.00

SUKAR L?NE / 9 10X10 SQUARE GRILL 1153-0031099-01
– It looks stylish with its stainless steel case.
– 100% compatible with all liquid water insulation materials thanks to its mesh skirt integrated with the insulation bridge and its textile layer.
– Its lower body is laminated with gasket and it has a watery odor feature at ?50, ?40 outlets.
– Increases the adherence of the insulation thanks to the textile layer.
– It is a scent anti-odor system, it has a twin drain feature.
– Size: 10×10 cm Height: 1 cm Exit direction: Bottom
Usage areas
– Floor-standing showers that are considered to be wall-mounted, – Bathroom showers,
Sauna and spas,
– Hospital and hotel showers,
– Fitness center locker rooms and showers,
– Baths and Turkish baths open to common use,
– It has easy cleaning feature for intensely used volumes with its garbage holder filter.

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