GROHE Tectron SkateInfra-red electronic for urinal

AED 1,550.00

Tectron Skate
Infra-red electronic for urinal
with infrared sensor for bi-directional communication
for monitoring, configuration and servicing
6 V lithium battery, type CR-P2
battery lifetime: approx. 7 years (150 actuations a day)
cartridge with solenoid valve and dirt strainer
front plate 116 x 144 mm
flow pressure min 0.5 bar
operating pressure max 10 bar
multistage battery status display
7 pre-set programs:
auto flush
cleaning mode
pre-flush on/off
additional functions and precise settings by remote control 36 407
adjustable flow time by hand or remote
set for final installation
for Rapido U or Rapido UMB
CE approved

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